Vending Machines


We provide a great range of refreshments tailored to your workplace.

Ideal for: Offices, Schools, Universities, Factories, Gyms, Leisure Centres, Car Dealerships, Childrens Play Centres, Retail Outlets, Medical Centres…

  • Perfect for 25+ staff
  • Staff simply pay for what they eat
  • No contracts / No costs / No deposits
  • Many types of vending machines available
  • (Combination snacks, chilled & hot drinks)
  • Reliable and professional product stocking
  • Easy to use modern machines
  • Top brand products at competitive prices

We can stock our machines to suit your staff requests. (Healthy snacks, regular confectionery or a popular mix).

Ask us any questions about our Vending Machines

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This is entirely up to you.

We place our machines to suit your needs and requirements.

Supplied for your staff convenience

The most popular vending machines we place are serviced by us and we collect the money as we refill. Our prices are closely compared to supermarkets selling standard single products that are not part of any multi-packs. We sell top branded products at normal RRP (or less if we can).

For us, selling products with good prices makes our vending machines a much better alternative to actually leaving work and travelling to the shops.

Supplied for you to make a profit

The only adjustment we need to make are the product prices, we would talk with you about a percentage that works for you and adjust the prices to fit.

We find the best way for us to do a percentage split is to simply pay you as we take cash out of the vending machine. We would supply the initial cash / change float with the machine which we would come back to us if the machine is removed or exchanged in the future.

We are happy to pay you cash on the days we refill, or in most cases we would share a cash log with you on the days we refill and send you a cheque on the dates you preferred.

No way!

We work on smaller margins and higher turnover. This is our business model and the philosophy of how we are becoming such a success in the vending market.

We do not work with ‘rip off prices’ like some other vendors do, we sell products at normal RRP (or less if we can).

Overpriced snacks and drinks just upset people. Nobody likes to pay over the odds for anything, we simply do our best to bring the best prices to you right away.

Normally we replenish our machines once per week, although some businesses may need us more regular. Naturally we would be happy to come every day if the location is working well for everyone.

We will work to whatever suits your business and operating hours.

Our most popular Vending machines are:

  • Combination (Snack and drinks combined)
  • Snacks (Snacks only, no drinks)
  • Chilled Drinks (Drinks only, no food)
  • Hot Drinks (Coffee, Latte, Tea + All desired hot drinks)

We can generally supply any type of vending machine. Primarily Snack’ums supplies the snack and drink market, but we are happy to work with you on ‘any’ type of vending machine. Please just ask us any questions you like (from phone cards train stations to binoculars on the coastline, we can potentially source anything you need).

In addition to vending machines, some of the businesses we service may use a vending machine for the shop floor and use our Snack Boxes (with the same products) inside offices, management break rooms etc.

We fill our Vending Machines to suit your preference.

Initially we use a general mix of popular brands and speciality products, and continue to customise the products until we stock them based on popularity.

Need more fruit and oats? We would simply hold back on the confectionary and stock your Vending Machine with healthy products.

We are happy and capable of supplying ‘only healthy snacks’ if this is to be encouraged at your establishment.

We can do yes.

Although Snack’ums is modelled more around us being your vendor. We do this every day and we can offer you a service where you don’t have to think about the work involved away from the machine itself (Buying stock is a full time job for us).

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions.

If you are renting a machine from us, you could fill yourselves.

Although we do this everyday and we have tens of thousands of stock items all the time. We are constantly buying from suppliers and manufacturers throughout the UK and this is a full time job for us.

We have found that many companies stocking their own items just dont have the time to do it themselves or the novelty soon outweighs the trips, the time and the fuel to cash and carries.

The service we offer allows you to let us do what we do best while you conduct your own business doing what you do best.

Our aim is to have you up and running in less than 2 weeks.

We can sometimes place a Vending Machine within a couple of days, but generally speaking most businesses have their own requirements (space, size, type of machine needed and the products they would like us to stock).

We take a little time to program machines with pricing structures to match the products being used, and the dimensions of the dispensing rows for the products being stocked.

No problem, if the Vending Machines don’t work out for you, we would simply remove them for you.

There are no contracts with us and we dont require any notice in writing or cancelation procedures.

We would speak with you about the machine(s) you require and follow up with a simple proposal.

If you could please use the contact form on this page we will get back to you with the information you need.


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