Snack Boxes for your workplace



  • Honesty box for cash
  • Simply pay for what you eat
  • Self service Snack Box
  • Perfect for 1 – 25 staff
  • Leading brands
  • No hassle box exchange
  • No inflated prices
  • Ideal for staff rooms
  • Super friendly service

Every box is FREE and packed with snacks, all you do is pay for what you eat!

Self service

Our Snack Boxes are ideal for any business that can’t accommodate a vending machine.

snack box


Our Snack Boxes really are free, we operate on a ‘pay for what you eat’ system.

Your staff simply pay for the items they choose by popping the money in a honesty box.

There are no upfront costs, no deposits and no contracts. If you are happy with our service, we just exchange your box for a new one each time.

Alternatively we do offer a very popular Snack Box by Post

Yes, our honesty box system is tried, tested and it works!

Margin for error is something we have to naturally factor in to our own profits, but generally our boxes are rarely down. Surprisingly we often find that it’s the other way around and our boxes are up.

We have a very simple approach to how we run the Snack’ums honesty box system – Let’s just trial it and see if it works and suits each business.

Not at all.

We understand you are running a business and don’t need the distraction in your workplace.

We simply swap your Snack Box for a new one and do our stock taking and accounting away from your premises.

We supply our boxes to suit your preference.

Initially we use a general mix of popular brands and speciality products, and continue to customise the boxes until we stock them exactly how you would like them.

Need more fruit and oats? We would simply hold back on the confectionary and stock your Snack Boxes with healthy products.

Normally we swap the box once per week, although some businesses may not use as much and just want us to visit every 2 or 3 weeks.

We will be guided by you on how often we should come.

Yes of course!

We have some businesses that prefer the idea of a box instead of a vending machine for larger staff rooms, so we are happy to get the quantities right for you.

We regularly place snack boxes in multi rooms (office, warehouse, break rooms, receptions etc or wherever they may be useful).

We currently offer a ‘pay for what you eat’ exchange service where the Snack’ums Team will personally replace your Snack Box on regular basis.

The ares we cover personally are:

  • Bristol
  • Cardiff and Newport
  • Gloucestershire
  • Herefordshire
  • Monmouthshire
  • Worcestershire

We also offer a service ‘By Post’ which gives us the ability to serve you anywhere in the UK at wholesale prices.

Please use this link to read more about our Snack Boxes by Post

If you could please use the contact form on this page, we will get back to you and arrange a suitable day to drop off a box.

Alternatively, please see this page if you would prefer a Snack Box by Post.


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